98 Hour Texas Real Estate SAE 1st Time Renewal

3 Simple Steps to Renew: Your Real Estate License in Texas. [View 3 Easy Steps]

TREC Approved: Courses Provided by 360 Training (Provider #0238 / #0591). [View TREC Approval]

New TREC Rules Update requiring you to be proctored has been extended to August 31, 2017. Order now and complete before new proctor rules take effect on August 31, 2017. All PDF courses below do not require you to be proctored.

SAE Packages - Online Self Study 
SAE Packages (100% Online in PDF Format)HoursPriceSelect
98 Hour Texas SAE Package with Legal Update I and II
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90 Hour Texas SAE Package
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8 Hour TREC Legal Update I and II Package8$37.50

Individual SAE Courses - Online Self Study 
Individual SAE Courses (100% Online in PDF Format)HoursPriceSelect
TX Marketing I: Building A Real Estate Practice – #536 (PDF with Quizzes)30$128.00
TX Marketing II: Negotiation Techniques – #532 (PDF with Quizzes)30$128.00
Texas Real Estate Law – #311 (PDF with Quizzes)30$128.00
Real Estate Finance II (PDF with Quizzes)
Course will be available shortly.
Property Management (PDF with Quizzes)
Course will be available shortly.