5 Steps to Obtain a Texas Real Estate License

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  1. Complete the required 180 Hour Texas Real Estate Courses set forth by the STATE. [View Courses]

Principles of Real Estate 1&2 (60 Hours) Approval Numbers #121 & #122

Law of Agency (30 Hours) Approval Number #1151

Law of Contracts (30 Hours) Approval Number #1251

Promulgated Contracts (30 Hours) Approval Number #351

Real Estate Finance (30 Hours) Approval Number #451

Total (180 Hours)

  1. After completion of the Texas Real Estate Courses create an online account with the STATE. After creating an online account with the STATE follow the steps to file your online application. [View Steps To Create an Online Account]
  2. Submit Certificates of completion for your Texas Real Estate Courses to the STATE. [documents@trec.texas.gov]
  3. You will receive an email from the STATE 7-14 days after you submit your online application and Texas Real Estate Certificates of Completion. The email from the STATE will direct you on how to schedule your state exam. There are state testing facilities in many locations across Texas. The STATE will also give you instructions on where to go to get your finger prints. Again, there are finger print facilities all over the state of Texas.
  4. After completing the Texas Real Estate Courses and passing the Texas Real Estate Exam you will be a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas. You will be on inactive status until you find a broker to sponsor you placing you on active status.

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